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Women’s Helvetica T-shirt: The Women’s Helvetica T-shirt is a tribute to a beautiful typeface and part of an ever-expanding typeface series from the husband-and-wife design team at The Social Dept. This gray T-shirt features black text that reads: “Here's to Max Miedinger... who gave us the world's greatest typeface... Neue Haas Grotesk aka/Helvetica. Zurich, Switzerland... Helvetica” This is a shirt for the font-lovers out there; you know who you are.

State Motto ~ Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain (Found on the flag and state seal)

The flag of Indiana Indiana's flag has a blue background with a torch in the center, the torch is surrounded by nineteen stars, thirteen representing the original colonies, five the next five states, and one Indiana. Adopted by the state of Indiana on May 31, 1917. It was the state's first official flag and has remained unchanged since then except for the creation of a statute to standardize the production of the flag.