Vase Turned Makeup Brush Holder. 4 versions, 3 you shouldn't use.

The heat from the candles will make the coffee beans release their wonderful aroma...

Hair dryer holder done!

Use a towel rod on the inside of the linen closet for holding blankets.

Easy make up brush holder

rubber band around a paint can.

Use a desktop organizer to hold makeup

*DIY - this would be perfect for make-up and make-up brushes, just use some larger jars!! love! Johnston http://johnstonmurphymensclothing.gr8.com More Mens Fashion Johnston & Murphy http://johnstonmurphy.gr8.com #diy http://pinterest.com/ahaishopping/

Great way to hold your jewelry!

Skurar planters are an exceedingly adorable way to hold your makeup brushes.

window box bathroom storage - basket storage.

shower curtain hooks as purse holders

.good idea

Necklace Holder

DIY tutorial how to make a brush organizer of sushi mat and elastic.

this is so cool!!! could you put your hair cutting/styling supplies in something like this??

The BEST brush for bronzer! It's my secret for perfect contouring!

Styrofoam and scrapbook paper. I love cheap, easy, and stylish.