Playroom - with more sleeping space for sleepovers. brilliant

attic space for guests

Perfect for a basement and all those sleep overs and house guests during holidays… by far the coolest basement idea ive ever seen!


Hidden desk and attic storage.

Transform your attic into a private movie theater

attic shower/bathroom inspiration, love the light and color in the shower

Finished attic with built in storage.

Cool space!

bunks in the closet, leave the rest of the room as a play area. So cool!!

Guest Post: Incorporating a Hot Tub into a Small but Luxurious Space

If you ever build or remodel - use recessed outlets so that the plugs don't stick out from the wall. This allows furniture to be flat against the wall.

Great bunk beds

Hidden doors -- This company makes cabinets, bookshelves and anything you can think of that fits your existing doorjambs thus hiding the door (and also making use of the space). If you click through checkout the "gun cabinet" door. Lots of great ideas.

Placing Murphy beds in the small room eliminates the need for inflatable beds and still allows flor space when not in use.

What an awesome idea in a little room! Stick a mattress in between and you've saved a whoooooole bunch of waste space.

the right way to do bunk-beds :)

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