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    Sabrina the Teenage Witch "What if Sabrina the Teenage Witch switched powers with the Scarlet Witch?"

    Wonder Woman "What if Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess?

    Superheroes + Supervillains icons

    The X-Girls "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.... teenage mutant angst!"

    supernatural ♥

    Gotham Shore "Get ready for some CTL! (That's crime-fighting, tanning and laundry) It's a fist-pumping new season of "Gotham Shore" – with the Robins, Batgirls and more. Starring: Dick "The Situation" Grayson, Juicin' Todd, Timmy Drake, Waynie D., Barbi, Cassangela, Stephie Sweetheart, Hel-Wow and Snooki-Mite. So who wants the Smoosh Room?"



    Keep Calm and Call Bobby (my favorite lol)


    supernatural quotes | Tumblr

    Tis true, Batman is a great detective but Sherlock... well he's the best.... but Batman is a wee bit more aggressive...

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer "It's tough being The Slayer. Especially when you have to spend half the night waiting for a vampire to rise - and you haven't even started your algebra homework."

    Hannah Organa "By day, she's normal high school Padawan Leia Skywalker... but by night, she's the glamorous rock star, Hannah Organa! Between Alderaan and Endor, can she truly get the best of both worlds? And can she win the affections of bad boy Han Solo with her bothersome brother Luke around? With a little help from her protocol droid protector, A-Kee Breakio, she just might rock it all the way to Cloud City!"

    It's the new sexy.

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    Selina Kyle "Won't you join the glamorous Selina Kyle for a Break In At Tiffany's? Watch her breeze through the glitter of New York as it's never been captured before!"

    Marvel T-shirts by Alex Griendling


    Wonder Woman "'Diana's Wonder Fashions.' File under 'Alternate Reality Character Designs'... what if (the late great) Dan DeCarlo helped design Wonder Woman?"