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"Nubrella is handsfree and the aerodynamic design blocks the wind and rain". Plus you look COOL

Keep cords out of sight. Nothing will taint your beautiful workspace like a tangle of cords. To keep loose cords at bay, take this tip from Martha Stewart: Feed cords though a hole drilled in your desk, and mount a surge protector on the underside. Or, if you’d rather manage cords sans any permanent damage to your furniture, use Velcro strips or zip ties to secure them into an organized cluster.

Bread ties/tags can be used to mark the ends of tape. YES!!!!!!!!

30 More Simple Ideas that are Borderline Genius | You Just Need To Shut UPYou Just Need To Shut UP

Wet towels go here. You could also just put another shower rod here as a towel hanger.

Air Umbrella- no freakin way... no canopy but rain still goes around you.. I want it!!!

Back pack umbrella. A little goofy but I can see why people would use it.