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    Math Curse activity for GT students

    Gardening with Area & Perimeter- Math Project

    Pizza Fractions Project!

    Use this jounaling project to supplement your curriculum and create an exciting adventure theme in your math classroom. This teacher's guide shows ...

    Math Centers Bundle - Grade 4 by Innovative Teacher. Included in this bundle are are 30 math center activities that will strengthen your students skills with Rounding, Word Problems, Patterns, Decimals, Fractions, and Division.

    Exploring Math in Primary Grades through Artistic Math Projects. Good ideas for interdisciplinary teaching, especially radial symmetry.

    Six weeks of spiral Daily Math Review for 4th grade * One sheet of paper front/back per student per week * Time, money, and paper saver! #fourthgrade #commoncoremath

    Each of these 32 Math Challenge Task Cards has a different multi-step math story problem. Students will use all four operations as they solve the problems. There are some that involve money, measurement, or elapsed time. Answers can all be expressed in whole numbers. $

    FREE Book in a Box Literature Project with Grading Rubric

    FREE math worksheet to go along with the book Math Curse! Includes questions from the book for students to answer!

    Eric Carle-inspired art projects

    Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking- combining kinesthetic activities with brain work always helps!

    VERY cool resource! Daily problem solving challenges. Three different levels of difficulty for each problem. Tips for parents/teachers for each problem.

    Project Based Learning - Math Activities. There are a lot of great ideas listed on this website on how to incorporate PBL into math lessons. This is something I already feel wary about and so this website was a great idea! There were a lot of ideas that I could use in my classroom.

    "Math About Me" is our first project this year. Remember, you must have 8 facts about yourself written in a mathematical format. This can include basic operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide

    Translations, rotations, math project.

    Love this book.

    math workshop ideas

    A Marvelous Math Project. . . Here is a great open house idea that was shared with me by a one of my friends & FABULOUS 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Salsedo, incorporated her year end math review with some flip & foldable fun, turning it into an engaging project. She provided each student with the criteria for the project, assigned them a chapter from the math book a