FREE Back to School Printables Grades K-12

FREE Back to School Printables Grades K-12

FREE Back to School Printables - I Heart Nap Time. These are for every grade level.first day of school pictures.

Free on TpT 4th Grade: Monthly Speller's Choice Menus

FREE- Are your students sick of the same old spelling homework each night? Free Speller's choice menu for homework.

Spelling Homework - students pick 3 ways to practice words each week

Elementary Spelling Homework Menu

Spelling practice for JH Spanish: give students a choice! Students can pick 3 different ways to practice their words each week. Great idea for an anchor activity, too. (Created by Molly Tribble on Teachers Pay Teachers. Total 2 pages)


Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

This is a list of ideas on ways to practice spelling words. I include this list in my weekly homework packet. Parents and students choose at least .

FREE Spelling Homework Menu - for differentiated instruction -- choices, choices, choices   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

FREE Spelling Homework Menu - for differentiated instruction---desserts spelled wrong would need to fix. But great idea

Would change a few- but cute idea. Send this game home to make spelling homework a bit more fun

[Spelling] Tic Tac Toe spelling homework is a fun way for students to do spelling at home. In the grid are different spelling activities to be completed and students need to choose 3 activities for homework. [can also be used in spelling rotations]

The story of the world lapbook blogg. Incredible! Check it out for history and ideas

The Chronicle of the Earth: lapbook - lovely multi-sensory lap book. Lots of shape, color, folding,etc.

Use these spelling activities to help your child practice their words for the week.

Clutter-Free Classroom has FREE tips & ideas to help teachers improve classroom organization & management.Enjoy teaching with less mess & less stress.

Spelling Homework Menus - Digital Download

When I first started teaching this year, a big struggle of mine was keeping up with homework. No, not grading it.

Free - spelling Tic-Tac-Toe. Definitely considering something like this for the sweet little kindergartner I tutor!

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe One of the graders in the class I intern for showed me that they were doing this and told me how much fun it was! I'm not sure if this was the exact spelling tic-tac-toe they were doing, but I really like this idea