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  • Lauren McCarley

    true. Story of my life

  • Amber Halcomb

    this made me laugh, but so true.


    I was gonna post this in "funny stuff", but it's really sad and true. :( NOW- just go find your job a t for your entry-level jobs and #firstjob #careers #recruiters #jobs #joblistings #jobtips #interview #Jobhunter #jobhunting #humanresources #hr #staffing #grads #internships #entrylevel #career #employment

  • Guillermo Ernest Yahir

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"Your crazy is might want to tuck that back in." ☀CQ #southern bahahahahaha!!!!

One of the few things I would actually post in real life...

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EVERY phone should have this!! I highly dislike drunk texters and dialers.

Look familiar? It should. That blue plastic mug full of vodka with a little orange juice splashed in that never leaves your side doesn't fool anyone...well, except yourself. Even your neighbors (yes they've talked to me about it).

And yes, you can even eat them all!