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John Cusack He'll kinda always be Lloyd Dobler to me... Thus ruining realistic expectations of romance. :P

Oh johnnay why you gotta tease all us girls like this.

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John Cusak is an amazing actor

John Cusack...the one actor whose even bad movies I'll watch.

John Cusack "Class" 1983; "Ciudadano Bob Roberts" 1992; "Sombras y Niebla" 1992; "Disparos sobre Broadway" 1994; "Alta Fidelidad" 2000; "Shangay" 2010; "Identidad" 2003; "Medianoche envel jardín del bienby del mal" 1997; "Pushing Tin" 1999; "2012" 2009.

john cusack - my #1 celebrity..... one day we will meet, mr. cusack. one day.... :)

bad news...John Cusack got ugly. lets preserve him as his youngling self in our memories.

John and Joan Cusack. two of my favorite actors. can you imagine how much fun their house was growing up?

Say Anything - the romantic "movie" moment. This scene plus Corey's "songs about Joe" and advice offered from the curb of the Gas and Sip all make this one of my favorite movies.