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surfing. One day i will do it every morning and every mid day and i have a surf board on every wall of every room in my home

surfing The world of fashion Christmas gifts click this link for more full custom crocheted hair wigs

See the surfer. What a great photo and look at the color of that water.

surf-- RESIST PINTEREST CENSORSHIP [ please include when pinning if you agree ]

Surf...I would have put this on my Bucket List to do but I just don't think I would risk it with the Seperated Shoulder I now live with.

I once saw a girl spend about 30 mins at the trunk of her car applying makeup BEFORE surfing

A longboard session with Kelia "Sista" Moniz #surf #longboard

Make your life be your dream come true!

I can't help but notice that on the back of that 911 is something that could only be described as a surf board, or a spoiler..

I adore them both... however I'm gonna start posting what I love best about each then I'm gonna REPRESENT. Stay tuned. WINNER: West Coast. We ALL surf every single day!