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Susan Hannon’s lyrical, ten-foot wide sculptures of “wings” are crafted out of abandoned Bibles, giving new life to books invested with emotion and courting more than a bit of controversy for the artist:


21 Aluminum Can Creations

Fine Art by Lei Xu. "Drinking Tea," 2001-2003- porcelain decorated with traditional Chinese motif. For me it is all about the simplicity of the sculpture defined by the colors and placement of cans.

Like butterflies, different species of fruit flies decorate their wings with a great diversity of spots and patterns. Digging deep into a single gene that produce pigmentation in the flies, a group led by UW-Madison biologist Sean Carroll has found the molecular switches that control where the pigmentation is deployed. The finding explains how common genes can be controlled to produce the seemingly endless array of patterns, decoration and body architecture found in animals.

Erin case created this digital media piece. I love how she has braids wrapped around her head. Also, the way her face is like the mountains. I feel like the picture would be prettier if it was the ocean as her face. Either way it is still very beautiful.

Wing of a dragonfly, detail: Photography by Rolf Müller The wing shows a interesting structure: there are cells with a certain angle (120° and 90°). look up Fibonacci's Fractals