Old churches

ivy covered stone church I think this St Catherine's at Bell Gable Chapel in Fayetteville Arkansas?

The little brown church in the vale.

Tiny Church This tiny church is in the yard near the chair and tables and across the driveway from the llama. New Brunswick, Canada

from old Paths w/ a Twist of Time

The small chapel stands in the centre of an old churchyard in Lednica, near Poznan, Poland. It is dedicated to Christ and Mary (you can find an inscription above the door) and was apparently built by the benefactor Marta (that's Martha in Polish) in

Converted church? Wouldn't mind making this my home :)

Site of the original community founded by St. Finnbar, first bishop of Cork. Beautiful small church, and ruins, at Gougane Barra in Cork County, Ireland

New England charm

Something I would love to do when I& old and my kids are grown is travel up to New England states and see the white country churches burried in the fall trees. Just me and my husband taking a train through beautiful New England.

Old Church-Apache Junction AZ DHVisions Photography Photo by DeeDee Heinz

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White Christmas, Church in the snow, near Lake Tahoe, of my most favorite places in the world!

in Courtenay, BC Canada on Vancouver Island. - photo by Gail Bridger

Ivy covered stone church in Courtenay, Canada on Vancouver Island. - photo by Gail Bridger

little country church...

"little church in the wild wood" Evergreen, AL - Booker's Mill (Small Chapel) Just up the road from where I grew up!

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

Christmas in Vienna. Beautiful church architecture, the stained glass and the religious artwork are amazing.

Old Ruskin Church, Ware Co, GA- Historical Rural Churches of Georgia

Old Ruskin Church Circa 1895 The story of the Old Ruskin Church will be an ongoing one and we will add to it as we go. The most interesting thing about the church itself is the Victorian archite…

Country church

"Grasshopper" Chapel - Cold Spring, MN this chapel is absolutely gorgeous in summer time. I remember going here growing up!