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    • Tori Cash

      A Parenting Moment: Eight Ways to Deal with Anger as a Parent. These are very helpful tips and great ideas.

    • Colleen Hays

      Helpful tips, especially with a tantrum throwing toddler! Toddler Approved!: A Parenting Moment: Eight Ways to Deal with Anger as a Parent

    • CK

      Parent Tips for Angry Children Eight Ways to Deal with Anger as a Parent. Great tips on this page. I may put these on the fridge as a constant reminder.... It's so easy to lose your cool when the little people in your life are being crazy!

    • Kaitlyn Stillinger

      Great tips for keeping your cool as a parent. Good advice

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    7 Ways to Stop Your Kid From Whining: - avoid get to that point if seeking attention - empathize & offer an option "lets add toy to your birthday list or save allowance" = delay gratification - replay it at a calm time "do you like mommys sour voice or sweet voice" - positive reinforcement "my ears love that voice / thanks for using normal voice" - don't ignore it, they'll outlast you - be playful: "here, pour your whine into this cup and bring me your normal voice." or whisper your answer back

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    Too many parents see it this way. And not only am I raising 2 human beings, they are 2 amazing, unique, strong willed ladies who we are raising to take on the world head on.

    Parenting......Oh my goodness, I certainly have a sense of humor...four kids, four grandkids, and dozens of kids from other mothers at my house for years...I love it !

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