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How to Save Young Black Men: Authority figures must teach the difference between right and wrong

Capturing the Experiences of Young Men of Color The Student Experience Lab partnered with the College Board to better understand and develop opportunities to enhance the educational experiences of young men of color.

The Senior Class of 2012 and the Eagle Schlar Senior Committee would like to thank, The Eagle Academy Foundation, One Hundred Black Men Inc., Or corporate and community partners as well as the Eagle Staff, Eagle Parents, and Friends for their unwavering dedication and support to helping the young men of Eagle Academy Soar!

Tears streamed down Suzanne James' face as she stood in the large gymnasium of the Eagle Academy for Young Men with a swarm of other parents, trying to film the moment her son stepped onto a podium to be pinned with a tiny set of blue and gold wings... Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/soar-eagles-teens-pinned-success-academy-young-men-article-1.968060#ixzz1oa13yMUV

The Eagle Academy Foundation empowers at-risk inner city young men to become academic achievers, engaged citizens, and responsible men by providing quality education resources and proven effective community-based initiatives to address the shortfalls in public education to effectively educate them.

The mission of Urban Prep is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality college preparatory education to young men that results in graduates succeeding in college.

"500 Men and the 500 Men Empowerment Summit" "500 Men and the 500 Men Empowerment Summit" Otis Cruse, Chairman, 500 MEN, and Chairman of the 500 Men Empowerment Summit, President/CEO, Cruse Consultants, NY Otis Cruse, Chairman, 500 MEN, and Chairman of the 500 Men Empowerment Summit, President/CEO, Cruse Consultants, NY Read More: http://www.500menempowerment.org/

Literary devices interactive dictionary. Help students explore figurative language with fun, engaging activities! Grades 5-8

Middle and high school English students will use this notebook to explore their own questions, thoughts and theories about the texts they read. It requires them to be more independent as they explore the author's ideas and purpose in writing.

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH: Make poetry fun! This product contains more than ten different games and activities you can use to engage your students as they learn to identify and use figurative language.

PIE - Author's Purpose. Useful for discussing different types of "writers" (journalist, author, ad copywriter). Re: ads, useful departure for discussion of the purpose of ads ("to persuade you to buy something."

Newspaper/Photocopy of text + Black marker = Instant poetry Have some fun with your kids with this Blackout Poetry plan. Let your creative side take control and be dazzled by the results. Come take a look at this free step-by-step instructional lesson. Guaranteed to get even the most-reluctant student to give poetry a try. FREE!

This is one of my favorite units! It motivates students to want to learn about the Native Americans of North America (Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast, Southeast). For each region, there is a 2-page informational text and comprehension questions. In addition, create a Native America name, Picture Writing, Project, Study chart, Map of the regions, Dream Catcher project and writing, Totem Pole Craft and writing, rain dance instructions, acrostic poem, quiz and rubric...

Teach your students how to properly embed quotations in their writing. CCSS Aligned. Includes ESL Differentiation. Writing. Grades 7-12. Teaching writing. Secondary English. High school. Middle school.

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Take your students through the canon of American literature with dynamic, multimedia presentations.

Great support for any study of Night, Elie Wiesel's haunting WW2 memoir. #highschoolEnglish

"Why Black Youth Must Travel" -Ebony Magazine

The Eagle Academy for Young Men is a college prep high school in New York City committed to the education and excellence of young men of color. The schools are part of the New York Public School System and are supported by The Eagle Foundation. www.eagleacademyfoundation.com

African American History Packet

Campaign for Black Male Achievement Impact Index