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  • Robyn Gill Ambler

    Tutorial - Woven rug made with t-shirts using a hula hoop as a frame. I've always loved rag rugs. Can't wait to make one.

  • Kelly Gentry

    How cool is this making a rug using a hula hoop and old t shirts!! Love this : *Try with cotton like a rag rug instead of tee shirts.

  • Heather Pope Waddle

    Hula Hoop Rug- Collect a dozen t-shirts. Cut 1" strips across the width of the shirts from the bottom to under the sleeves. Place 11 loops evenly on the hula hoop. Weave remaining t-shirts between spokes. When at desired size, cut spokes. Tie remaining fabric around edges of rug.

  • Monica Alires

    Hula hoop rug Tutorial - Woven rug made with t-shirts using a hula hoop as a frame.

  • Kaitlin Dayton

    Hula Hoop Rug T-shirt rug..super cute for kids room

  • Alicia Ann Slack

    hulahoop rug cool

  • Alicia Gorman

    recycled tshirt rug using a hula hoop, would be cute in kids room

  • Sarah Cameron

    Hula Hoop t shirt rug

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