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Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana

Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana (Revolved Split-Legged Headstand) - A fantastic way to challenge your core

Grasshopper tutorial with Rachel Brathen

It's Tutorial Thursday! Rachel Brathen shows you how to do Grasshopper; a fun arm balance with a twist.

Visvamitrasana -- did a hip opener workshop with this instructor last year in Chicago, and this is how she instructed the pose. Glad to have a reminder!

Kathryn Budig Challenge Pose: Pose Dedicated to Visvamitra

10-Minute Express Workout #Health #Fitness

10-Minute Express Workout

If you're a woman trying to build muscle fast, these tips can get you to your goals. Since gaining lean muscle mass rapidly requires changes to both your workout and diet, consider a resistance training plan that works all your major muscle groups and a diet that contributes to muscle building.

How Women Can Build Muscle Fast

This two-for-one workout hits your arms and abs for a great upper body strengthening routine! Work your shoulders and core with planks, push-ups, rows, and weighted squats for a challenging circuit workout!

Do Some Yoga: Put your feet up — against the wall, of course. The Vipariti Kirani yoga pose involves lying on the floor and resting the legs up against a  wall. Not only does it give the body a good stretch, but it helps

40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less

When It Comes to Our Brains, Study Suggests Yoga Trumps Running Greatist

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I Practiced Hot Yoga For 30 Days & This is What Happened

In my utopia, individuals will be encouraged to do yoga and meditation to reconnect with themselves and relax, while promoting both physical and mental wellbeing // well said