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Common misconceptions - Things Catholics Do Not Believe

great book and explain some fun things about the catholic faith

Catholic All Year: In Which there are Seven Free Printable Prayers and so many other things . . .

Just had Confession. As of now I'm ready to start over. Better get rid of stuff while I'm brave.

"Right reason, that is, reason rightly exercised, leads the mind to the Catholic faith, and plants it there, and teaches it in all its religious speculations to act under its guidance." -- St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

My grandmother, Julia, did all this. Apparently she was a saint in the community. Although I never met her...

ST. ANDRÉ BESSETTE. Learn about this wonderful man; you will be blessed in doing so. Feast day:January 6

The father in my big fat Greek wedding says he can prove that everything is Greek, it's true even Catholics!!! 😁👍

Paraphrasing Chesterton, the Cross is the only symbol that can extend itself in all four directions and not lose its essential shape. It breaks out. Think of what happens when God gets into the nooks and crannies of our life with faith as small as a mustard seed. Catholic orthodoxy is a radical way of bustin' loose: God gets in there and lovingly reorients what's gotten broken and bent out of shape.

...though nobody is truly "born Catholic": one can be born of Catholic parents, but one's Catholicity only truly begins with baptism, where we are born again, and initiated by water and spirit into the Body of Christ. Catholicism is a life, not an ethnicity, a culture, or mere birthright: it is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life.