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Beautiful newborn stars peeking out “from beneath their natal blanket of dust” in the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud as seen by the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Como delicados pétalos cósmicos, estas nubes de polvo interestelar y de gas han florecido a 1.300 años luz de distancia en los fértiles campos de estrellas de la constelación Cepheus. A veces llamada nebulosa Iris y debidamente catalogada como NGC 7023, no es la única nebulosa del cielo que evoca las imágenes de flores.

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Alien Worlds Explained: From Rogue Planets to Super-Earths [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scientists have only searched through a tiny fraction of our galaxy, and with the fast advances in technology, we can expect many more interesting discoveries in the future. But for now, check out the handy infographic above, courtesy of, displaying all known types of alien worlds, repinned by

Newborn stars, hidden behind thick dust, are revealed in this image of a section of the Christmas Tree cluster from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

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Best Photos of the Week - Part 1 of 3 (44 Photos 2 gifs) - April 12, 2015 - Suburban Men - April 12, 2015

Venus and The Milky Way

Young Stars in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud. Cosmic dust clouds and embedded newborn stars glow at infrared wavelengths in this tantalizing false-color view from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun

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What Planet Are You?

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50 fotografías del Universo para tu fondo de pantalla