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3rd grade, line, shape, overlap, pattern. Sharpie and liquid watercolors. Love Alisa's artwork

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: A Unit on Line for Kindergarten

Elements of Art Review Project, for the beginning of a semester.

A collection of 10 quick and easy drawing games to get kids moving a pencil across a piece of paper. Art Projects For Kids from TinyRottenPeanuts...


Birch tree

big paintings, color wheel, guitars, tempera paint

How to draw a cat in the style of Pop artist Romero Britto. #artprojectsforkids

DIY painted feathers and collage

The Art Curator for Kids - My Top 5 No-Fail Art Lessons

DIY stamped clay bowls

Going GREEK! Scratch into history with Greek Vases/Pots

Art at Becker Middle School: Cubist Still Life

Wayne Thiebaud Candy Compositions Concepts: Composition, Acrylic Painting, Color Theory - created via

smART Class: Floating on to ___ grade!! End of the year project! these look like real bubbles!



extended landscape photo and drawing assignment. Take your own image and extended it using different mediums on each side. There are a lot of possibilities - adding backgrounds to portraits, interior design, etc. This is an interesting blog, too. Click the link.

Make your own paper doll


Amazing middle school art lessons


Karla Gerard FOLK ART

Oil Pastel "Batiks"- glue on black paper Student design image with white glue---like an O'keeffe inspired flower, let dry and colour with oil pastels, use value shading technique.---any grade level

positive and negative tree forms - would make more complex by making tree abstracted to interesting branching shapes - look at Mondrian's trees - yr 7-8