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Scottish Highland Cow I absolutely loved seeing these when I was in Scotland! I thought they were so cute!

Id love a country home with cows n chickens. Rabbits and maybe a horse

Bessie, she is a little baby, she was a gift from Rory's mom. Since they live on a farm, they own a lot of other animals, but she is Rory's favorite.

Baby Highland Cow, Scotland. I would not eat this...I promise I wouldn't...I'd take it home and give it shelter and feed it the highest grade hay and call it George! TR

Photo taken on Feb. 11, 2009 shows the calf born with a white heart-shaped pattern on his forehead at the Yamakun farm in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. Born on Jan. 25, the calf has been named "Heart" by the owner of the farm, considering the Valentine's Day approaches.

Highland Cow! I LOVE cows. If I could have one, I would

Aww just a cute little baby cow. Cute cow

All animals deserve our respect and kindness. Avoid calfskin products and veal. Who would harm an innocent animal baby? Only a barbarian, that's all there is to it.

People Scotland Scottish Highlands | Pictures of Scotland and Beautiful Scenery - Travel to Scotland

Farm growers who raise their animals on pasture enjoy a number of benefits including being able to raise their families in a peaceful environment and eat nutritious.

Darling Jersey calves. They were rescued when being auctioned off to be turned into veal. Photo: Marji Beach