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The Cornish Pasty Co. what a find! This little hole in the wall is a treat! Its the ultimate hot pocket! "The Oggie" is a great start but the menu is loaded with a wide range of pasties to pick from. Im going back for more tomorrow!

save room for the chocolate bread and butter pudding with fresh creme anglaise- rich and amazing.

The poor little Cornish pasty

Britain is changed utterly. Unless this summer is just a bad dream

Eliane Glaser: Pastygate is yet another example of Cameron's fake authenticity – providing an alibi to the politics of austerity and inequality

Cornish Pasty

So good, and very easy. Make sure to chop the potato and parsnip very small. I also used ground beef because I had it on hand.

Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty - I LOVE Cornish pasties! Makes me think of my grandmother.

The Cornish Pasty presents: 1746 - The earliest record of a pasty in Cornwall

The Cornish Pasty presents: 1746 - The earliest record of a pasty in Cornwall

Someone take me to Sarah’s Pasty Shop | Cornwall  i bet everything is delicious.

Sarah’s Pasty Shop in Cornwall everything in this shop is so delicious. I'm going to buy a few dozen Cornish pastries for lunch.

CORNISH FORE-NAMES: Girls - Beryan (BER-yan), Chesten (CHES-ten), Conwenna (con-WEN-ah),  Morwenna, Demelza (duh-MEL-zah), Endellion (en-DEL-i-on or en-DEL-yon), Kerenza (kuh-REN-zah), Tamsyn (TAM-zin) | Boys - Austell (OSS-tel),  Brennus (BREY-nus), Jago (JAY-go), Jowan (JOH-wan), Jory (JOH-ree), Leir, Lowen (LOW-an), Pasco (PAZ-ko), Piran (PEER-an). AND JENNIFER (from Gwynnyfer).     ✫ღ⊰n

Cornish Baby Names

Exploring Cornish baby names. Endellion, Piran, Kerenza, Leir - such great possibilities, from the language that gave us Jennifer!