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I don't think you mean to do it, I don't even think you realize that you're doing it, but just to let you know, you're upsetting me.

you called my mother by name? and you insult her? how disrespectful of you. I never ever want you in my life!.after all i said still you hurt me. throw your love in the bin!.can't even not hurt me for the same reason...!

I want you back but I don't want to get hurt again

It just gets easier with the passing of time........

on these days, I call a good friend and hug my dog.

I trusted you so much! You said you would never hurt me! Never leave me! Everyone said you where the one person I could trust no matter what...but wouldn't even glance my would rather walk away then try to fuehrer out what's wrong...figure out how much you hurt me

Miscarriage. A war between remembering and forgetting. I never want to forget, even though it is painful, but sometimes remembering makes it nearly impossible to get through the day. I always want to remember everything about my child.

I could never hurt you the way you hurt me.