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"My favorite stuff!!! Read a lot about sea salt spray's for hair and saw this at WALMART for under $5.Its AWESOME im hooked.My hair never takes to products or stays ever highly recommend! INSANE PERFECT TEXTURED BEACH HAIR IN A BOTTLE. It smells sooo good like sun tan lotion and the sea!Great for MESSY PONY TAILS.I sprayed on dry and scrunched for full wavy soft bed head curls.Ulta & WM"

Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo, $5.99 from Ulta

Pinner wrote: J.R. Watkins Grapefruit Oil Mist ($8.99): You know when you see models in magazines or celebs on the red carpet and think “How did she get her skin to look like that?” I am pretty sure this is the answer. I mist it on after a shower or bath and the effects (smooth, lustrous skin) last all day. The oil is light and absorbs quickly into skin leaving no residue to slip off on clothes.

How To Get Beach Hair without the Beach

This is the truth!! Almost a week since I've shaved & I have stubble is at a minimum. Lifesaver!! Ladies: put down the shaving creams & gels, use baby oil. It will change your shave game.

Mixing Coconut Oil With Shampoo for soft, shiny hair

8 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil: {Hair, Skin & Nails}

AMAZING DIY Body Scrub! Smells So Good And Leaves You Feeling So Soft!

M·A·C 'Candy Yum Yum' Lipstick | Nordstrom

Coconut Oil Moisture Treatment- my daughter uses this... Can't believe how soft her hair is and how fast it grows now! yep, officially trying this.

the most perfect beach hair

"This foundation contains a pigment that perfectly mimics a glowing tan. I'll add a few drops to a body lotion, then rub it on my arms and legs, just as I would a bronzer. I do this all the time for photo shoots." - womens health

I need this...the French tip dip! Perfect french tips every time!

Taupe and soft pink eyeshadow look

Grow your hair 1 inch in 1 week! This totally works!! http://www.the-coreport.com/grow-your-hair-1-inch-in-1-week/

great hair!

Bun with Crown Braid.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. This is definitely on my wish list!

Easy Heatless Curls / Waves! These are so smooth and soft! + They look like they were done with a curling iron! Created by KayleyMelissa (youtube.com/KayleyMelissa)