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Beautifully styled, this picture. Simplicity is an overlooked virtue on food photography. #watermelon #foodphtography

Watermelon is a summer food. I eat it 365 days a year!!!!!!

Can't wait to get your first bite of watermelon this summer...? Repin if watermelon is your favorite summer fruit!

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a serious watermelon problem. In that I can't stop eating it!

Watermelon. So pretty. So refreshing. Such a great texture. And yet so gross. The one food I dislike I wish I liked.

Yellow watermelon! My favorite!!! Reminds me of my grandfathers farm.

Fresh watermelon wedges on Williams-Sonoma's salt plate with slices of lime. So simple and refreshing! bri emery / designlovefest