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Wim van Egmond Rotterdam, Netherlands Specimen: Golden Algae Colony Technique: Differential Interference Contrast

Nikon Small World 3rd Place, 2002 Wim van Egmund: Licmophora flabellata (marine diatom) (160x)

Nikon Small World Image of Distinction, 2011 Debora Leite, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil: Sugarcane root cross section (20x)

io9from io9

Why does this blue stone have yellow light coming out of it?

Tyndall Scattering is what makes the light shining through this stone yellow and not blue.

Pictures of alcoholic drinks under a microscope reveal the molecules that make up our favourite tipples

Champagne magnified: These colourful microscopic pictures of alcoholic drinks reveal the incredible molecules that make up our favourite tipples.