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    • Missy Wood

      Ha! So true! Mommy humor

    • Jill Melton

      ain't that the truth!! True Story!

    • Summer V

      SO funny! I actually had nightmares right after Daniel was born of my pumped milk spilling out everywhere!

    • SJ Sarah Guard

      Whoever said "there's no use crying over spilled milk" obviously never pumped 6 ounces, then accidently dumped it. (Hallmark Edge of Motherhood cards)

    • Lisa Buys

      Pumping breast milk truth! Oh how true.

    • Alicia Bosio

      A Funny Mom Quotes - this is so true!!!

    • Shannon Watts

      OMG so so so true <3 - I did this once... sleep deprived - went to the sink to wash the pump parts - dumped the milk instead. I cried and went back to to bed.

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    You can laugh now, but when that fart dries, it's going to itch.

    laughing alone in my house

    No joke.


    Thanks mom.

    So true. This is totally me!

    ha ha ha

    Thanks mom.

    I'm so glad you told your husband how much you loved him on Facebook instead of in person. From 5 feet away.

    I'm lucky if I make it the full 5 min.

    Haha this is so something I would say!


    sound familiar??? HAHA! @jessica jensen @bobbi

    sound familiar??? HAHA! @jessica jensen @bobbi


    this is me!

    it totally does. Story of my life.

    So true.

    tru dat

    Yes please!

    true story

    time travel!

    Ha! True...especially when I wake up looking like dog the bounty hunter.