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    The 24 Most Adorable Animal Facts... OF ALL TIME. | 9. Infant Pygmy Marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble.

    Pygmy Marmoset

    baby monkey

    Tiny baby bats SO CUTE!!

    This incredible photo captured the spiritual moment a faithful otter looked to the heavens for guidance on catching his next meal.

    wittle baby owl

    Adorable sloth

    xo bebeh minkeh.

    Baby orangutan swinging on a rope

    And this little grass nibbler who makes me want to nibble on some grass; it’s THAT cute. | 31 Very Important Pigs Are Here To Melt Your Heart

    Francois Langur baby.

    Love this picture! It's like a little kid!


    A mothers love.

    Mom! Mom! Mooooooooooom!

    I cannot even stand how cute this monkey is.

    cute animal

    Baby Marmosets #monkeys

    cute hedgehog