peanut butter, strawberries, bananas and granola = healthy breakfast to go

Fruit Quesadilla. With peanut http://butter.Im so going to try this for lunch

Yummy! PB & B!

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Breakfast sushi! It is a banana covered in peanut butter and rice-crispy cereal on top of peanut butter and it is breakfast sushi!!!

Heart-Healthy Recipes: Apple Sandwich with Granola and Peanut Butter.

Banana Breakfast Sandwiches with Cinnamon and Vanilla on French Bread..

Jillian Michael's healthy breakfast burrito (only 200 calories per serving)! I made a triple batch, srapped them in wax paper and then froze them. They warm up great. I serve with salsa.


Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas

Vodka strawberry lemonade. BEST DRINK EVER!!!

Healthy Zucchini, Black Bean, and Rice Skillet

PBJ and banana wrap. Brilliant #healthy foods.

Breakfast Banana Split: banana, peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, fruit, granola.

A Reader Recipe: Coconut Banana Bread I added PEANUT BUTTER in place of one banana and olive oil. Add extra dark chocolate chips, and you have heaven! :)

Healthy breakfast burritos!!

Bacon, Egg & Toast Cups ~ Martha Stewart

Tips on eating clean and staying healthy. Pin now read later. GREAT ideas for lunches to take to work and snacks that don't require a lot of time.

Yummy healthy snack

Healthy Lunch Recipes