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The Coolest, Best Kept Secrets of the Disney Parks

"Andy's coming!" How funny is this in front of the Toys ride. Great blog of Disneyland Secrets: Hidden Tips and Secrets for Disney Guests. Guess it isn't so secret anymore. :) - best website for plush toys

HAHAHAH!!! love this!! I've never even seen woody or buzz or any toy story characters at Disney!!

Interesting facts of the day…

Life hacks (The emotional support animal thing is kind of rude though. If too many people abuse that loophole what will happen to those who truly need those animals? And many landlords have a good reason why they don't want to rent to people with pets.)

Undeniable Proof That Disney is a Magical Place (22 pics) | SnarkEcards ... These are wonderful. (Just one caveat though ... as cute as the "Andy's coming" stunt is, it no longer happens when you yell it).

Disney World Myth - Toy Story characters like Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear do not drop to the ground if you yell, "Andy's Coming" at Disneyland and Disney World. If you yell "Andy's Coming", the handler that accompanies the characters will most likely tell you that Andy is away at college.