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Nina Mae McKinney. Actress of the late 1920s-1950.

Actress and entertainer Nina Mae McKinney

Nina Mae McKinney

American actress Nina Mae McKinney 1929

Nina Mae McKinney

Nina Mae McKinney - 1912-1967 The first successful black actress in cinema. During the 1930s, McKinney won a coveted five-year contract with MGM and starred in two films. In Europe, where McKinney toured extensively, she was known as the “Black Garbo.”

Agnes Moorehead -You may remember her as Samantha's mother ENDORA on "Bewitched".

Maureen O'Sullivan.

Myrna Loy 1934

Pola Negri in Loves of an Actress (1928)

"Stage and screen actress Dolly Haas was popular in the 1930’s as a vivacious, red-haired gamine often wearing trousers in German and British films."

Hispanic silent screen actress Rose Rolanda, 1923

Betty Blythe, known for her dramatic roles in exotic silent films such as " The Queen of Sheba" 1921

Ann Dvorak wearing a fluffy birthday cake.

Ossi Oswalda, German Silent actress

long hair Olive Ann Alcorn 1925 Silent Movie Actress late 1910s early 1920s

Silent actress Maria Melato in Ostrich Plume Hat, circa 1920s

Dorothy Mackaill -ca 1920's Film Actress

Lena Horne. Pioneer.

Nina Mae McKinney in Hallelujah! (1929)

Nina Mae McKinney (1912 – 1967)