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A Wearable Device That Texts Caregivers When A Loved One Has A Seizure - This would be great for those who have loved ones with Epilepsy or other conditions.

Barbara Kroner's daughter has suffered over seizures. Now, with funding from the NIH, Kroner is developing a device that will alert when an.

Tetris Building

A larger than life game of Tetris appeared on the Green Building at MIT in MIT engineers used a console to allow players to move, rotate, and drop colored blocks. Tetris on the Green is the Holy Grail of MIT hacks.

Souris NES Mouse

NES gamepad mouse is the most amazing piece of industrial design in the history of humankind Yes.

Node Electric Outlet.  Well, I never! Wow. So one can plug in, literally all of the way around that thingy?  Where have I been living that I haven't seen this before now!??

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square.

The Gigantic Water Play Slide...which I had enough money to buy this

The Gigantic Water Play Slide - Hammacher Schlemmer. This would be awesome for the lake house : )

Special edition with dozens of journalistic infographics from newsrooms across the world.

This is Visual Journalism [100

This is Visual Journalism :)

Opera Pop-up Camper Is Nicer Than Many Hotels I’ve Stayed In | OhGizmo!

Wonder if a Go-Kart could pull this thing? Or a moped? QTvan Mini Camper Trailer Designed For Use With Electric Scooter.

They’re (Paper) Ba-ack: September 18, 2012 !

They’re (Paper) Ba-ack: September 18, 2012

They’re (Paper) Ba-ack: September 2012 !

How It Works: A 3-D Printer For Liver Tissue

The first commercial bioprinter, Organovo's NovoGen MMX Bioprinter, is manufacturing functional liver tissues that will soon help biochemists test new drugs. Here’s a look at the printing process.