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Tibetan Silver Amitayus Bodhisattva Buddha Statue Amitābha (Sanskrit अमिताभ, Amitābha) is a celestial buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. Amitābha is the principal buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in East Asia, while in Vajrayana Amitābha is known for his longevity attribute and the aggregate of distinguishing (recognition) and the deep awareness of individualities. According to these scriptures, Amitābha possesses infi...

Smiling Ksitigarbha (Jizo) trio, Japan My son told me he had seen these in a garden when he was doing landscaping. " They are cute!"

Gilt bronze Buddha statue dated by an inscription on the base to 338 CE. This is the earliest known dated Buddha image made in China and, according to the museum, appears in almost every major publication on early Chinese Buddhist sculpture. Its style is influenced by that of the Gandhara region (parts of modern-day Pakistan, Afghanistan and NW India), which traveled along the Silk Road to China.

Little Buddha statue at Okunoin, Koyasan, Wakayama, Japan

Siddhartha by Rekishi no Tabi @ Nezu Museum, Tokoyo

That which lies just under the surface of our consciousness has a powerful influence on what happens in our lives ~ Jeanette Amlie

yellow-buds-of-may: Mossy Jizo statue at Renge-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan.

Kwan Yin statue for Healing Space and altar

Standing Garden Kuan Yin Statue

Kuan Yin.Photograph by Apatsara Sirirodchanapanya

Sometimes 30 minutes feels like this to me. Want to walk among these monks...