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Bay of Cambay Ancient City. The Bay of Cambay was discovered by marine scientists in early 2002. The city is located 120 feet underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India. The city is five miles long and two miles wide, carbon dating estimates the site to be a whopping 9,500 years old, and, more amazingly, architectural and human remains are still intact.

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Sunken city gives up its treasure: Ancient Egyptian metropolis lost for 1,200 years below Mediterranean sea set to go on display

The sunken ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion was submerged by the sea and sands 1200 years ago. Archeologists are now preparing to show some of the objects recovered. --- French marine archaeologist Frank Goddio explains text on the stele of Heracleion on a barge in an Alexandrian naval base

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FL St Archaeologist said to be 50,000 yrs old. no cultures we know of vould have built. There sre out of time and place Real advaced for that time frame. Google Cuba Underwater City Pyramids

Bay of Cambay, India A few years ago in India, was opened a city of 9.5 thousand years old. These underwater ruins at the southern coast of India showed the highest level of civilization at that time. It should be noted that until this very old city, known in India, there were only 5 thousand years. Discovery was named Golden City, as the legendary town where Krishna lived.

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Caral, a city as old as Mesopotamia!

Caral, Peru* Ancient civilization in the Americas, -Norte Chico civilization. The ruins date back over 5,000 years, which means there were cities and life in Peru around the same time as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.