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Amphicar goes anywhere, 1961 I have always wanted one of these. :)

"It's a Car! It's a Boat! 1961 Amphicar: The car of the future here today!"

1963 Amphicar 700 We purchase any Amphicar's from 1961 to 1968. Any Condition. Please call Alex Manos : 310-975-0272

it’s called the Amphicar and it was developed by some very talented West-German engineers with an eye on the booming American middle class. The car was powered by a 1,147cc Triumph OHV inline 4-cylinder engine with a power output of just 43hp, this was enough to get it up to a top speed on land of 70mph and a top speed on water of 7knots, not enough for water-skiing but perfect for a river or lake cruiser.

1961-68 Amphicar Model 770 Amphibious Automobile | I've always wanted one of these

1967 Amphicar~An amphibious automobile, it was the first such vehicle mass-produced for sale to the public starting in 1961. The German vehicle was designed by Hanns Trippel and manufactured by the Quandt Group from 1961-1968 with 3,878 built. Housed a Triumph 4 cylinder engine.

Amphicar Postcard Check here for the story of Amphicar:

1967 Amphicar 770 For more information regarding 3rd party inspection services, please visit www.inspectmyride...