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Midnight Celtic Moon Pendulum Divination Set by Eliora

Hecate's Wheel Pendulum Divination Set, By Eliora, $40.00

Mixed Metals Compass Rose Pendulum Divination Set, by Eliora

Hecate's Wheel Pendulum Divination Set - Moonstone / Obsidian by Eliora,

Gothic Raven and Black Onyx Pendulum Divination Set by Eliora

Moonstone & Moon Gazing Hare Pendulum by Eliora , $40.00

#pagan #wicca #witchcraft #celtic #druid #tarot Deva Fairy Qeen Athame $34.95

✯ Celtic Box Trio .. By Mossy-tree✯

Cobalt Blue Crystal Altar Chalice -Triple Moon Goddess & Horned God, by Eliora

Wolf Pendulum Set

Alder has a strong association with defence. It weaves a spell of protection to guard against attack, be it of a country or an individual. In Celtic myth, we read of palisades of alders that deter invasion or keep prisoners confined, and these fences are sometimes described as being decorted by a row of severed human heads. But Alder needs no such grisly displays - it offers a wholehearted defence, if necessary with a fearsome aspect. Your own deep instincts know when someone or something is...

Brighid's Cross Pendulum Divination Ser - Quartz Crystal / Carnelian/ Charoite, by Eliora

Apple is a great wood for a magickal wand. It is a favorite witch tree. The fruit is used at Mabon and Samhain, and for love spells. Eating an apple opens the gateway into other realms, most often faeryland. It provides illumination and the gaining of knowledge.  Dreaming of apples symbolizes prosperity and the good would be blessed by the Goddess for a year.Apple is also considered one of the foods of the dead, Samhain is sometimes known as the "Feast of Apples."

Celestial Goddess Charm Clip for Purse / by ElegantlyEnchanting, $15.00

Green Goddess Scrying Dowsing Mat, great for a pendulum too!

This is a sheet of UNmounted rubber stamps (=the red rubber die only - NO handle - no cushion - no adhesive) by Cherry Pie Art Stamps. Each

Altar Bottle Cobalt Glass w/ Triple Moon Goddess & Horned God

ELDER. FROM SACRIFICE COMES RESTORATION Sacrifice requires us to set aside something we valie in a specifically sacred way. We give what is worthy, honoring our most holy ones and scknowledging the reality of the unseen side of life, which is too often ignored or neglected. We do not give out of fear or in appeasement, but to make space in our daily lives for the divine, for we believe that if we do so the Divine will make way for us. Sacrifice is a way of generous and unselfish giving to...

chronarchy: May we know the shape of all things, and through their shapes, know their secret names.

Cat wisdom!!

Crystal Point Pendulum Necklace