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thanks for stealing this week's sleep!

Blanket on - Too hot. Blanket off - Too cold. One leg out - Perfect. Until the demon from Paranormal Activity grabs your leg and drags you through the hall.

also your and you're. Pet peeve! Grammar people. Very simple.

(except the punctuation and grammar in this isn't great.but you get the point)

215,592,000 tacos - 53,898,000 gallons of gas - 2,418,000 tickets to Disney! If my math was correct

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

I sing about everything all damn day. I freaking LOVE singing even though I suck at it :)

Just because someone’s singing all the time doesn’re an amazing singer and want everyone to hear them… singing is just fun :)

Pretty much lmao

i go on youube just to watch a music video and 5 hours later, there i am watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe


Drinkin' rum before 10 00 am makes you a PIRATE, not an alcoholic.


my daughter sent me this.The perfect answer to: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" (I hated it when my mom asked me that!

So true.

when I'm home alone every noise I hear is a serial killer Relatable Post

I need to print this and post on my door at work...... !

i may look calm but . I may look calm, but in my head We killed you three times. Your name isn't leatseatburgers i may look calm but I in my head We killed you three times Your name isn't leatseatburgers

This happened to me throughout highschool. Even though I'm 5'8, I swear that those desks were for kindergarteners. They were way too small for any high school student to sit in comfortably.

I can't even cross my legs at school,because the desks are so short,my legs are too big. And then I see across the room that a girl is sitting with her legs crossed no problem and I just NO WHY I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT