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  • Betty Riordan

    Amorphophallus titanum (titan arum) 4th in the list of rarest flower in the world Titan Arum is one of the largest flowers in the world.It is also called the Corpse flower like Rafflesia, because of the foul smell it emits. It is seen in Sumatra and has the world’s biggest inflorescense. It’s flower head will come about 4-9 feet tall.

  • ve windiastri

    Amorphophallus titanum - another Indonesian giant flower

  • Moe Margetts

    The Titan Arum is taller than a man, and stinks of rotting flesh. It gets it's nickname (Corpse/Carrion Flower) from the stench it gives off, which smells like rotten mammal. Think roadkill and you'll have a good idea of what this flower smells like. It looks impressive though! I'd love to see one in real life but the smell.... yuck!

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Jack-in-the-Pulpit. :) These were all over our forest floor in the spring back home. I love them.

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  • Carol Lee

    Beautiful, cactus flowers always seem special somehow.

Ghost Orchid, #2 most rare flower on the planet

Rare Afgekia sericea Rare flower captured in Queen's Park, Chiang Mai Thailand. This flower is being threatened by people encroaching on the habitat where it normally grows in Northern Thailand.

My daughter's name is going to be Lillian! It's been official since I saw The Secret Garden!

L’Arum titan (Amorphophallus titanum) - The biggest flower of the world (2 meters) • La + grande fleur du monde !

The Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum).

Not only does this plant look bizarre, but it's also known for its unmissable stench. The smell is so bad, that the Rafflesia has earned itself the nickname of “The Corpse Flower.”

Corpse flower. Largest flower in the world.