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(Someone be him! Tyler/19) We were best friends since third grade and all too! I jusy didn't even know he loved me... This was all after a love confession to me from him. I was still figuring it out when he picked me up and set me on the counter top. I laughed a bit nervously and then he kissed me by surprise and I found myself kissing back.

couple kissing

Awaken me, my レo√乇. Let me wrap my legs around you. So that your mouth can kiss me where you want to taste. My grasp of my legs is not enough for me. Feel my hands, guiding you, to the place your mouth needs to be. Your touch is enough to wake me from my sleep. For all night, all I did was dream of you, and now awaken to you already pleasing me ღ

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Beso en el cuello. .passion, amor dulce, atractivo encantador, caliente, Seductor sexual, atracción, Besos, Toques, sensual, sexy.

<3 I want a boyfriend to take really cute couple photo's with.. Like this one! <3

Your beauty overwhelms me As I wrap my arms around you I press your softness tight Great passion fills my inner being I'm captured in your embrace Your eyes control my very soul The touch of your lips, heaven Forever frozen in time All else fades into nothing

you've got that james dean daydream look in your eye...


(Photo idea) "When he spoke to me he didn't even look me in the eyes yet he made my heart flutter faster than the wings of a hummingbird, seeking in desperation the sweetest nectars of his love."

Kissing in the first snow....


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Secret kiss between you & me. <3

Good Morning beautiful!! Would have loved you rolled over on top of me this morning giving me those loving kisses you give so good! Kiss by Cristina Sagnier

When you're together with your best friend