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“I loved the way he kissed me, as if he had to, as if he'd go crazy if he didn't and had nearly waited too long.” Sylvia Day {Bared to you}

kiss me just like that

Kiss me like you mean it...

(Someone be him! Tyler/19) We were best friends since third grade and all too! I jusy didn't even know he loved me... This was all after a love confession to me from him. I was still figuring it out when he picked me up and set me on the counter top. I laughed a bit nervously and then he kissed me by surprise and I found myself kissing back.

Kiss me in the tub

Awaken me, my レo√乇. Let me wrap my legs around you. So that your mouth can kiss me where you want to taste. My grasp of my legs is not enough for me. Feel my hands, guiding you, to the place your mouth needs to be. Your touch is enough to wake me from my sleep. For all night, all I did was dream of you, and now awaken to you already pleasing me ღ

Once again... Another cute picture I'd love but will never get.. Unless I lose A LOT of weight... :(

“After a moment, he found my neck, kissing the nape, his teeth grazing my skin and causing me to make a small noise very much like a whimper. Before I could take another breath, his lips met mine and I was lost to his touch.” ― Cyrese Covelli, Wolfsmage

Romance is wanting each other, and never, not even for one moment, stopping.

Goodnight kisses. Good morning kisses. In bed. Is this going to happen for us? Sometimes it feels like I'm kidding myself and it's all just a dream.

Come up behind me and seduce me with one perfectly placed kiss.