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I remember my mom hanging clothes on the clothes line...

chilly laundry day... I love hanging laundry during the snowy days of winter. The laundry smells sooooo good.

On frosty winter days Mom would hang out the clothes to dry with clothespins like these. Hours later she would take them in frozen so stiff they could stand on their own. They would have to thaw and finish drying in the house.

clotheslines....I used to love running through the damp clothes hanging up in the hot sun, but I'm sure my mother didn't appreciate it!

Such a beautiful sight....makes me think of my childhood when we would make visits to relatives in the country...

I always love to smell clean clothes off the clothes line and there's nothing better than sliding into a clean bed where the sheets have hung out all day!

No little white fence where I grew up, but we did have double wire clothes line used every week. Hated pinning clothes to the line then, and I still hate doing laundry today.

"the line" from lucia and mapp's photostream on flickr

lilacs instead of dryer sheets!! what a pretty picture & fantastic idea! i ♥ it!