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  • Senae Khoury

    DIY "Scentsy" Bars. Awesome for old candles that have NO wick, but pleanty of wax left over...could probably use small ice cube trays, then seal 'em up in plastic baggies after they set/cool??!! ~Senae

  • Kim Eversole

    DIY "Scentsy" Bars Save $ and get scents you want! diy scents bars, cook, make, free, candle, melt, scentsy, bars, cheap, DIY, melt, scentsy, wax, make your own, burner, candles, Ameraucana, Chicken, backyard, urban, farm, poultry, Eggs, Chickens, Americana chicken, chicks, kids, best, children, pets

  • Lisa Champion

    DIY "Scentsy" Bars The cost of what I did: Candles: (2) 14.5oz for $20.00 at Bath and Body Works = $24.43 (includes shipping, tax, and coupon code) Scentsy Bars: (1) 2.6oz package for $5.00 2 candles = approx. 11 packages of Scentsy Bars

  • Bradie Nelk

    plain wax from hobby lobby, scented with oils and essential oils (young living) eucalyptus for calming, etc. melt and pour into scentsy container. OR pour into small/silicone ice cube tray for DIY scentsy bars. Can make large candles also in small mason jars.

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