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Toffee apples

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Toffee Apples recipe - From Lakeland

Toffee Apples - sweet and delicious - each one is pure Halloween yumminess on a stick! Made using Lakeland Wooden Lolly Sticks.

"DIY Toffee Apples" by the-diy-tipster-girls on Polyvore

"DIY Toffee Apples" by the-diy-tipster-girls on Polyvore

How to make Toffee Apples: A Toffee Apple Recipe for Jewish New Year

Easy Toffee Apple Recipe For Kids

How to make toffee apples quick and easy. An easy candy apple recipe for kids. Make them for Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah; a slight twist on an 'apple and honey symbol' for a sweet new year.

Toffee Apples Recipe ~ Says: They looked sensational and tasted great... The recipe was so easy and yummy!

Toffee Apples