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Qetesh is a Goddess adopted into Egyptian mythology from the Canaanite religion, popular during the New Kingdom. She was a Fertility Goddess of Sacred Ecstasy and Sexual Pleasure. She is called "Mistress of All the Gods", "Lady of the Stars of Heaven", "Beloved of Ptah", "Great of magic, mistress of the stars", and "Eye of Ra, without her equal". Qadshu is also used as an epithet of Athirat, the Great Mother Goddess of the Canaanites.

Ishat is a Phoenician Goddess of Fire (Her name simply means "Fire"), called "the Bitch of the Gods". She is mentioned in the Epic of Ba'al as one of the enemies of the God who is destroyed by Anat, the Warrior Goddess. Ishat is called "the Fiery" and is evidentally a Goddess of Fire and Heat; as Ba'al is the God of the Rain and Lightning, who brings life-giving moisture to a dry land, perhaps Ishat represents the burning heat of summer that causes the plants to wither up and die.

Marah is a Canaanite Water-Goddess, considered benevolent and merciful. She is the daughter of the great Mother Goddess Athirat-of-the-Sea, and twin sister to Anat, the Warrior Maiden Goddess of extraordinarily bad temper. Little is known about her, we even don't know if She is primarily a Goddess of the ocean, rivers, or lakes.

Such a dark and stunning image while being just absolutely beautiful!