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    • Lindy Minore

      Top 10 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Would Do With Them / Little things / Hands Free Mama

    • Holly MacDougall

      Top Ten Things Kids Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them - compiled by a school teacher over 16 yrs. The results are surprisingly achievable! Great blog, "Hands Free Mama"

    • Jennifer Gillum

      What a “Hands Free” Summer Looks Like | Hands Free Mama Plus 10 things kids really wish their parents would do with this

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    had an eye opener a few weeks back with some folks i thought were normal. reminder to self, mean people suck and time to throw some folks overboard. so sad, but a too bad attitude right now!


    "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." -anne of green gables

    Maybe my favorite thing I've found on Pinterest.

    Papa Francesco

    15 Ways to Stay Married. I LOVE this list. Not the typical 'consistent date night' kind of ideas. Just honest real life suggestions.

    So true. I swear you really find out who your "true" friends are when you go through the most trying times in your life. You learn who is really "there" for you when you need it most. Not just during the successful times of your life, but during the most difficult times. That's when it truly matters. Thanks to all my "friends" who continually ask how I'm doing or send a message or email just to let me know they are thinking about me and wishing me well. Those little things really matter.

    “What if a weeping angel fell in love with a human, but she could never touch or talk to him, and just followed him around all day. And then, just once, she followed too close, and accidentally touched him, and this was the result.” Guys don't give Moffat ideas.

    Myers-Briggs Personality Test

    Careless Gardener: The top five plants for low maintenance gardens

    Damn.... they got me!



    The attitude you have as a parent is what your kids will learn from more than what you tell them. They don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are. ~Jim Henson

    for real

    Mental health joke


    Pale Blue Dot: Earth as seen from Voyager 1 while on the edge of our solar system (approximately 3,762,136,324 miles from home) more than twenty years ago. (click image to read Sagan's wise words)


    this happens just about every night around midnight...

    We were laughing through our entire meal and learned so much about our childhoods. Highly recommend! 30 questions to ask your spouse. I would pick a question then he would answer it then I would answer it. Then he would pick a question etc. This would be fun for long drives

    never before has something more true been said.