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    R.O.B.O.T. Just when you think he's gonna play music on his giant tape deck - KABLAM!!! He shoots you in the face with lazer bazookas

    Who coined the term ‘robot’? A Czech writer and journalist called Karel Capek. He wrote a play called ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.)’ in 1920. In it the robots take over the world and kill the human race. Remarkably, he wrote the play way before robots even existed! It’s no wonder, that with this kind of genesis, we are afraid they actually will erase the human race.

    Zac Mallett - РОБОТЫ - Comrades of Steel. Artificial Intelligence is often seen in Science Fiction dealing with off world exploration as a supplement to human characteristics.

    Photo: Vintage Toy Robot by R.B. Fairchild $19.00

    workman: geeker: Dark Roasted Blend: Robotic Art Bliss (via taizooo, pavlov)

    ROBOT-7 | Vintage and Retro Space Age Raygun, Rocket and Robot Toys | Sugary.Sweet | #SpaceAge #Toy #Robot #SciFi

    This looks like the typical appearance of a technology uprising back then, but now i would say we would be more fearful of drones or just our computers not working.

    great colors on this robot - i love the screen, too

    This was the robot that was used as inspiration for my robot tattoo! This little guy is sooo cute!

    nice***Research for possible future project.