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Golden Gate Bridge

California flag and state outline

Istanbul at night, seen from space.

Galata tower

San Jose, CA



San Francisco- Golden Gate Bridge.

on Siraselviler


Galata tower, Istanbul

NASA image of the Bosphorus and amazing Istanbul

California Poppy..the State Flower

Golden Gate Bridge


My great-grandmother immigrated from Palermo to the US when she was three-years-old. I've always identified with Mediterranean food and culture.

California Redwooods

Located in Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA. Used to love to drive here when I lived in Pacific Grove.

Assyrian church near Hatay, one of my favorite places in Turkey.

Sicily - not my hometown, but my roots. My great-grandmother emigrated to the US from Palermo.

Istanbul - it's where I live, not where I visit. The very duality of its asia/europe; east/west; modern/ancient persona matches my own hybrid life of a Californian in Turkey.

Haydarpasa, I come into this train station at least once a week as I run off to meetings, events ...

Basilica Cistern. One of my favorite (tourist) places in Istanbul.

I grew up here --> Morgan Hill, CA

This jasper is found only in Morgan Hill, the small town where my grandparents lived and where I went to elementary and high school. RuffMorgan Hill poppy jasper is found in the area of Morgan Hill, California, USA. Other popular jaspers are found in Germany, India, Russia, Pakistan, France and the USA as well as many other countries. Jasper runs between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Pictured ruff