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Chaldeans from Mardin, SETurkey, 19th century. They are Syriac-speaking Christians in unity with Rome; they are ethnic Assyrians whose history reaches back to pre-Biblical times. About 500,000 live in Iraq and only about 40,000 in Syria, 7,000-9,000 in Turkey, and 20,000 or so in Iran. They are often discriminated against in these areas by Arabs and Arab-speakers and Muslims, and have been persecuted in Turkey and Iran. Lately, Islamic rebels in Syria (IS) have made them a special target.

کلیسای کوه سر_ارومیه کلیسای سیر در دامنه کوه سیر واقع است و به عنوان زیارتگاه مسیحیان می باشد.این کلیسا که قدمت آن به 1700 سال پیش باز می گردد، از زمان ساسانیان پا بر جا بوده و به دستور زنی به نام شیرین احداث گشته است. مصالح عمده استفاده شده برای ساخت این بنا سنگ لاشه است و ارتفاع آن به هفت متر می رسد. آذربایجان غربی . ارومیه

Some Nestorian Christians actually made an effort to visit the pope and work out an alliance between the West and their Mongol overlords. A reverse Marco Polo!

Istanbul - it's where I live, not where I visit. The very duality of its asia/europe; east/west; modern/ancient persona matches my own hybrid life of a Californian in Turkey.

Haydarpasa, I come into this train station at least once a week as I run off to meetings, events ...