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Vote for "Scaling Startups for Success in Latin America"- SXSW 2013 PanelPicker Proposal: ow.ly/cWpE6

Larry Ellison, Co-Founder, Oracle

"Nothing works better than just improving your product." -Joel Spolsky

The big payoff.

"It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas." -Edwin Land


a la Jack Donaghy's "Shower Principle"

Words of wisdom from Aaron Patzer.

"It’s a good thing that at a startup, being stressed is often balanced by..." Sachin Agarwal of Posterous

under-promise and over-deliver.

All-Star Cast Invests 750K In Ben Huh And Matt Galligan’s Mobile News Startup Circa

Caren Maio: CEO/Co-Founder of Nestio

Locu is creating the world’s largest semantically-annotated repository of real-time small-business data.

Docracy is a social repository of legal documents

Moveline app to help estimate costs for moving

Quotidian Ventures · Welcome to the Family: SmartAsset

Wantworthy is Wanted: The "Instapaper For Shopping" Raises $1 Million from RRE, Google Ventures, And Others via Techcrunch

Quotidian Ventures · Programming In Paradise with WeHostels

Nestio launhes iPhone app 2.0!

"The Mechanics of a Small Acquisition" by Jason Chen of Stypi