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We love this quote! Teach it to them young and they will carry this mindset throughout life. "In this room, we don't do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning." Sounds like something Ron Clark would say.

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now THIS is what I need to post on my classroom door to stop those hyper-organized teachers from commenting on my "messy" room. art is not synonymous with mess.sometimes kids MAKE a mess with their art, though.

Wish more people understood this important thing!!!!

Well, not always true in all cases. But probably dentists get lots less blame than teachers! Dean says, "Don't blame the dentist because he has "fillings" too!

The reasons behind why people love teaching. Teaching is a passion.

I facilitate thinking. I engage minds. I listen to questions. I encourage risk I support struggle. I cultivate dreams. I learn everyday. I teach. I'm so proud of you for getting accepted into the program, babe. You are a really great teacher!

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