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...I can't you guys...I can't put a smart caption for this one because I'm still laughing way too hard.

Funny tumblr fandom- doctor who supernatural and Sherlock... Completely accurate

#lol #funny #humor

WHOVIAN problems

Chinese Harry Potter subtitles

Clark Gregg, the last picture LOL! Marvel

Oh, John Williams, you sly dog

I can't stop watching it. Gif

Sabriel and Destiel xD

ca-CAW. Haha cute avengers drawing comic. Clint. Tiny. Hawkeye. Iron man. Birds nest. Funny avengers.

Except it should be captain Rogers lol


The dumbest plot point evah



Loki and Tony Stark <---- I'm sorry but I find this hilarious and adorable!!!

Can we say perfection?

Only in Doctor Who...

random whovians

My life