50 new must-have photos with your groom

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such a cute picture. under the veil.

Let the kids use their energy, give them sparklers and let them dance around the couple, then have the photographer take pictures. Also, have the bride and groom each make 1/2 of a heart with sparklers.

Gone with the Wind wedding picture pose? How about a big yes. Except of course not by the water because then it wouldn't go along with the movie..

Becoming much more common than the "first look shot", a photo of the bride and groom having a moment before the wedding without seeing each other! Love it! Photo: We Heart Photography

Photo of the Week Winner

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Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Wedding Photo Idea - This would also be great for anniversary.

Photo Ideas for a wedding.. Awhhhh-someday!:)

would be cool to try this!

I will do this!


dang it I WANT THIS PIC! Im gonna get everyone back together just to take this picture! LOL

Bride n groom maid of honor and best man.. LOVE IT!!

Such a cute and easy reception shot! #wedding #pictures

fun unique wedding party picture ideas...

This is really cool and unique! :) Think about this idea should you have a church/building wedding ceremony!