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Psychic Shielding Protection against Negative Energy Attacks

Psychic Protection: Immunise Yourself Against Negative Energy ~ RiseEarth

Permanently Clear Negative Attachments, Cords, and Soul Fragments from Energy Vampires and Parasitic Relationships

How do you protect yourself from negative energy or psychic attacks?

Working with Crystals – Methods for Use in Energy Medicine

)O( 1) Generally Crystal children are sensitive, empathetic and have huge caring hearts. When they are energetically balanced, people are attracted to their loving energy, captivating eyes and charismatic personalities. 2) Crystals have stronger psychic or intuitive perceptions and may be late talkers because they prefer to communicate telepathically rather than verbally. Often they have an ability to read your thoughts and may be confused if your thoughts and your actions

Psychic Energy System by Alex Grey 1980, Acrylic on Linen, 84x46 in. ~The Sacred Mirrors series

Amethyst promotes meditation, peace, healing, focuses psychic awareness and protects against negative energies. Amethyst can be used to help people break addictions. It is the stone of purification and spiritual power, aiding the development of intuition and insight, and so is useful in divination. Keeping an amethyst near divination tools will increase the effectiveness. Amethyst is good at focusing energy. You can wear amethyst as a healing and protection charm.

Protect your energy ~ it should flow freely from the top of your head to the ground in a egg shaped umbrella of white light, flowing freely and strong to keep others from interfering with your energies.

Protecting Your Energy. I would say use as needed. If you need to do it several times a day, do it.

Are you an empath? If you feel it before you think it, you may be. If you cover those feelings and appear hard or indifferent and cold to others to protect yourself, then you most probably are.

When you tap into the resources of your soul, your psychic abilities, your astral body syncs with your physical body & it becomes your normal state of being